Temporary staffing

We have responded to the needs of many customers so far.
The registration staff of Sunstaff has experience and achievements, high professional expertise and skills, and has a wealth of experience in a temporary staffing business.

Three features

Feature1Safety and Security

Sunstaff is an integrated services company of human resources in Toyota Industry Corporation Grope.
We strictly adhere to compliance so that our customers can employ our staff with security. We have responded flexibly to various customer’s requests by our staffing abilities of our registered staff who have responded to many customer's requests appropriately.

Feature2Thorough pre-employment education

Before starting work, we ask all staff to visit our office and attend the following education.
・Personal information protection training
・Confidentiality training
・Education of safety and health
We are also carrying out education such as OA skills by e-learning for long-term staff as part of career formation support program.

Feature3Correspondence to various cases (of customer)

The Sunstaff responds quickly to various cases as well as full-time dispatch and long-term dispatch.
We will propose to meet your needs such as alternative personnel at the time of employee's maternity leave and child care leave, employee closure due to nursing care, daily dispatching and short-term dispatch, and employment placement dispatching.

Service contents

General dispatching

We provide high quality registered-staff who emphasizes personality as well as abilities.
We will respond to various cases such as maternity leave / childcare leave, part time, daily dispatching and short term to long term dispatching.

Employment placement dispatching

Employment placement dispatching accepts dispatched staff for a certain period on the premise of hiring employees and will be hired as an employee if the two sides agree after the dispatch.
Because we can make decisions through work, there are few employment mismatches.

Expert (Senior) dispatch

We have dispatched a large number of motivated and experienced human resources who retired from major companies.
We respond flexibly when customers want securing instructors in the field improvement specialist, Toyota production method instructor, when immediate fighting force for vacancy assistance is needed.