Support for employment of foreign human resources

The success of foreigners is a key point in supporting corporate growth in the future.
We support the creation of workplaces where foreign human resorce can work with peace of mind, from recruitment from Japan and global, and abroad to follow-up after entering the country.

Three features

Feature1Certified as a specified skill registration support organization

As a registration support organization, we will provide solid support for foreign human resorce from before they enter the country to after they work, so please do not worry.

Feature2Human Resource Development through Education

In addition to improving our Japanese language skills, we also offer carefully thought-out educational plans that provide the knowledge and motivation needed to work, such as quality and safety.

Feature3ICorporation to business partners

We will use our broad network to provide human resources that fit the needs of companies.

Service contents


Providing highly-skilled human resources such as specialized skilled workers, engineers, and interpreters.
We will carefully interview your company's requests and propose ways to recruit foreign human resorces that fit their needs.

Education and training (Japanese language, other specialized education, etc.)

Improving Japanese language skills and specialized knowledge will stimulate communication with employees, and is expected to have an effect of raising motivation.
We will provide a place where foreign human resorces who have joined your company can continue to study and support them.

Supporting livelihoods

Our professional staff provide support not only for the mental attitude and basic knowledge of life and employment in Japan, but also for follow-up and consultation services on the job.

Business Appropriate Inspection (Japanese, Vietnamese, English, etc.)

By not enough skilled Japanese, and interviews through an interpreter, it is difficult to draw out the personality and aptitude of the person, and it is difficult to judge.
By conducting a proper examination in their native language, you will be able to know the orientation and aptitude of the person in question.