The President's Message

Kyoichi Maruyama

(We,) Sun-staff, Inc. a Group company of Toyota Industries Corporation is proud of having a broad client base including not only Toyota Industries and its affiliates but also both successful private companies in various kinds of business and public offices responsible for local administration.
As a general human resource service company, our business lines cover dispatching of general office workers and engineers, subcontracting of development design, intellectual property, greening project, and supporting to improvement production sites and developing human resources through new employee training.
We conduct our business based on “CSR policy” and strictly follow laws in all business areas. We will devote our sincere efforts to the amendment of the Labor Law System such as the current dispatch law and labor contract law in light of the purpose of the legislation.
We strive to contribute to society as a "good corporate citizen" and "a company rooted in the community." For that purpose, we are actively working to coexist with society, development of community society, environmental preservation, such as traffic safety, local cleanup activities, active participation in charity bazaar.

Values for people's work change dramatically, and the government is also trying to boost it as "working style reform", and its response is an urgent issue. On the other hand, improvement of labor productivity of each individual becomes a big challenge in industry, in a situation where the labor shortage progresses due to the declining birthrate and aging population and population declining.

Amid such environmental changes, we believe that the roles of Sun-staff and comprehensive human resources service companies will become increasingly more widespread and important, therefore we will promote company's reform.
In addition, we will strive to develop the capacity of the members through various opportunities providing and support, we will strive to improve the quality level of our services so that we can finely respond to various needs diversified by our customers and satisfy them.

We would like to sincerely ask for your continued support.