Human resources

In order to respond to the many needs of securing human resources who have cultivated high expertise and skills, we conduct various training and practice with clear themes and objectives.

Three features

Feature1Training curriculum filled with know-how of major manufacturers’ OB

By teachers with a focus on OB, which was at the forefront of leading manufacturers such as Toyota Industry Corporation, there is the original training curriculum.

Feature2Various training lineup

We have instructors in various fields of specialization.
We customize content, time, form etc. according to your request.

Feature3Easy to understand training content for anyone

Toyota style is impressive for the manufacturing industry, but we are telling examples of how to utilize examples and know-how to correspond to all industries.
We also offer training for local government employees in recent years.

Service contents

Hierarchical training

It is a training that learns necessary knowledge and skills for each hierarchy, such as new recruits, mid-level employees, managerial positions, and employment systems.

Training for each subject

We can provide you with customized training that meets your requirements whether it is one theme or a combination of multiple themes.

Training for non-manufacturing industry

We also offer training for non-manufacturing industries such as service industry, financial institution, government administrative.