We will utilize the talent network that we have cultivated as Toyota Industry Corporation Group and respond to a wide range of duties.
We will provide you with the people you really look for from a wealth of job seekers.

Three features

Feature1Introduction of an appropriate human resource

A consultant familiar with the industry analyzes career of each individual registered carefully.

Feature2Streamlining recruitment activities

It eliminates the time and labor involved in recruitment, such as costs related to recruitment advertisement expenses such as recruitment activities, recruitment from creative creation, recruitment to applicants, and enables you to concentrate on screening only.

Feature3Complete contingency fees type service

Advance expenses are not required until you decide to join the company.
You can use it with confidence.

Service contents

Full-time staff recruitment (Recruitment of permanent employees)

We will help you adopt a wide range of fields from sales, management, technology and manufacturing.

Production Period Employee

We will introduce reliable people based on a number of achievements.