Job outsourcing

We have responded to the needs of many customers so far. The registration staff of Sunstaff has experience and achievements, high professional expertise and skills, and has a wealth of experience in a job outsourcing business.

Three features

Feature1Focus on core business and strengthen

Employees are freed from simple tasks, so they can concentrate on professional work.
This will increase employees' spirit, concentrate on core business, and enhance competitiveness.

Feature2Cost reduction

We can realize a lower cost than we can treat within the company without wasteful expenses such as recruitment, education and equipment cost.

Feature3Improve efficiency and speed of operations

It will be delivered on a fixed date so you can start your operation as soon as you need it.
Since it can be done by order processing, there is no troublesome procedure such as acceptance of people are not necessary.

Service contents

Clerical lump-sum contract

Efficient operation from routine tasks to supplementary tasks. (Data entry, dunning work in foreign languages, reception, telephone operator, questionnaire, aggregation)

Translation and interpretation

Many staff familiar with Toyota terminology are enrolled to respond to the increasing needs of globalization more and more.

Design contract

Mechanical, electrical, mold design contracting, we have established our own design office in each factory of Toyota Industry Corporation.
High-level technical personnel population will contract design.