Greening project

In Sun Staff, we have staff with high technology that loves the area and loves green. We provide services tailored to customer needs including public facilities, landscape gardening within corporate facilities, planting and green area management.

Three features

Feature1Trust and security

We will provide greenery service from the customer's point of view so that customers can be satisfied.
We undertake management of green spaces of various companies, government agencies and individual clients, including TICO.

Feature2Technical capabilities

Staff with national qualification will respond quickly to customer request.
We will do the work in the best way and the safety first.
Even after the work is completed, we will support you to regularly monitor so that it will keep the green area better.

Feature3Low cost and High quality

Because we do work within our company, unnecessary fee will not be charged.
All work is done by qualified person or person graduated a landscape gardening course, so we will provide high level service.

Service contents

Landscaping construction / greenery management

We will support Greening works in factory facilities and private residences.
We respond to various customers' requests from designing and construction of green areas to cleaning of facilities.

Solar Power Plant / Land Management

We will provide comprehensive land management of the solar power station.