Recruitment consulting

In order to respond to the many needs of people who want to know more efficiently about latest recruiting information and tell us about effective hiring measures, we support the work of our human resorce department without being restricted a support to recruit.

Three features

Feature1Total support for recruitment activities

Recruiting professionals with a wide range of hiring know-how and achievements will visualize issues by adding trends in recruiting methods, while meeting the characteristics of the area. In addition, as a partner of the Human Resources Department, we provide total support from information gathering and strategy formulation to education after hiring and follow-up.

Feature2Focus on core operations

While conducting business analysis of each and every recruitment activity, we can find more efficient methods, outsource non-core operations, and you can concentrate on core operations as the human resources department.

Feature3Many partner companies

Human resorces issues are not necessarily limited to recruitment, but also include webpages, various systems, and education and training.
We will work with a large number of partner companies to resolve your issues other than those we do.

Service contents

Recruitment consulting / Recruitment process outsourcing

Visualizing invisible issues and proposing recruitment activities and recruitment strategies tailored to the company based on trends in recruitment methods and candidates.
If you are too busy with your work to concentrate on recruitment activities or lack personnel, we can accept from you as a recruitment process outsorcing. In addition, we are able to provide various types of support, including interviewer training, training of recruiters, and planning of internships.

Sunstaff Bussiness Ability Check

At present, it is very important to determine who is in the company when hiring, but at a limited interview time, it is difficult to draw out the personality and aptitude of the person in question. "Good people" also vary depending on the corporate culture, occupations, and roles you want to entrust.
By conducting aptitude tests and learning about the intentions and characteristics of the individual, we can help to recruit human resources who fit each other in our company.

HITOZUKURI study group

Providing opportunities to exchange information and learn on the themes of challenges and interests faced by many companies. In addition to regularly obtaining information, we aim to learn about other companies' efforts and best practices so that we can mutually develop our company.